We can be contacted through our contact us page. Alternatively, you can email us at

At this time, we offer customer service via email. If you need to speak to us, please provide us with your phone number, location (i.e. Country) and best time to call and we will have a representative call you. But, its faster to get a reply by simply emailing us

  • alqamees is the only website that lets you design your qamees (thobe – juba – kandura) and tailor it to your measurements.

Our professional and experienced team of tailors are located in Karachi, Pakistan.

For your benefit and convenience, a registration is required to place an order. Registering with alqamees ensures you stay upto date with the Progress of your order.

  • alqamees exerts their level best to meet the customer’s expectation, with the team of finest tailors, your product is guaranteed to meet the expectation.

alqamees is a completely unique Islamic clothing ecommerce website. Alhumdulliah, we are reliable and trustworthy. alqamees is not a fake, illegitimate website. Please read our Testimonials Page and checkout our Facebook, Twitter and Instrgram accounts to learn more about us. We want you to have Full confidence in us. Your confidence and trust is worth more than your business!

  • alqamees can be ordered as gift, direct shipping to the address is also available in my account.

A Credit Code is a Code that has a certain value (i.e. £ 25 GBP, $ 75 USD, $ 55 CAD, € 95). It has no expiry date and can be redeemed during checkout. If you total Purchase Price exceeds the value on the Credit Code then you will be required to pay the rest of the amount. If, the value of Credit Code is greater than the Purchase Price, then the rest of the amount is saved on the Credit Code and can be redeemed in the future. Credit Codes have no expiry date.


A Coupon Code is a Percentage (i.e. 10%) off on the Total Purchase Price. Coupon Codes are used for promotional offers and they have a time limit. A coupon code is also used during checkout. Coupon codes may also have a minimum purchase limit.

Credit Code has a definite value while Coupon code is a percentage discount. Credit codes have no expiry date and Coupon Codes can be time limited and other restrictions.

You can send them an e-gift card with the desired value and they will sure be happy to design one to their liking and personal body measurements. Click Here to learn more about E-Gifts.


We are happy to assist you in making changes to your existing order. Please email us with your order number and changes you would like at within 24 hours of submitting your order. Changes made after the 24 hours deadline are not guaranteed.

To view the status of your order, login to “My Account”.

“Review” means your order details are being assessed and are soon to be forwarded to Tailors
“In progress” means we have received your order and its being made by our tailors.
“Shipped” means we have finished making your shirt(s), they are on the way to you.
“Complete” means we have completed your order, and item has been received.

Orders can be canceled prior to Processing the order (no more than 24 hours after payment). To check the status of your order, please log in to My Account.

For any special requests, such as asymmetrical body size, urgent order, etc, please contact us at before you complete your order.

To request an address change on a placed order, please contact us at Requests will be processed as soon as possible but may delay the shipment.

All orders placed at within 24 hours under the one shipping address are automatically combined. To combine orders placed 24 hours apart, please contact us at Orders placed under different shipping address cannot be combined. Be advised, when emailing us; include your order number to help us assist you better.

Please login to “My Account“, view and select the qamees you would like to remake in the “order history”, click “Remake One Similar To This”.

alqamees does offer a comprehensive set of customization options. However if you want something truly unique, we can help you. Please visit our special orders page to learn more about the order process.

No customization is allowed once the order has been placed as there are price changes associated with customizations. However, a grace period of 24 Hours is given to make any measurements changes. If you order status is in “Review”, you may choose to Cancel the order and place a New Order with the desired Changes. If you wish to cancel your order please contact with your order number.

You should give yourself a minimum of 30 days, but we recommend getting your order in 45 days prior to the wedding date. This will leave a suitable amount of time if alterations or a remake is necessary.

We incur equal production and shipping costs in producing an adult’s order and a child’s order. The costs marginally vary with a child’s order as it uses less fabric.

Shipping & Handling

It takes approximately 2-4 weeks with Standard Delivery and 7 – 9 Business days with Express Shipping option. Delivery time varies depending on your location and the shipping method.

We have two shipping options; Standard shipping is FREE and is included in every purchase. Express shipping is available at a nominal cost.

Yes! alqamees offers Free World Wide shipping on all items!

Yes, alqamees also offers Express shipping at a nominal cost.

We take care of most of the payments involved in the delivery process, but, we cannot guarantee any additional fees. Please contact your Border agency or local authorities to determine the laws of the country.

You should immediately contact the courier and provide them the information sent to you by our shipping department.

If you provided wrong address, you will need to contact the courier to have it re-routed to the correct address. This may have re-routing fee. You will need to shoulder the cost. If the order is urgent, we will remake and rush ship it at your full expense. If alqamees provided the wrong address to courier, alqamees will handle full re-shipment costs. If the order is urgent, we will remake and rush ship it to you at no extra cost.


Measuring tapes are inexpensive. You can purchase it in fabric stores, sewing section of superstores or local retailers. If you cannot find a measuring tape, you may choose the standard size that best resembles your measurements.

We send a measuring tape with every order.

Yes, for convenience, your measurements will be saved in your profile. Simply create a profile in your account, and access it whenever you are ready to order.

Once you have selected the alqamees Exclusive Design, it will direct you to measurement page. Thereafter, you may choose your custom measurement or go with a standard size.

  • Please consult of our Care Tips section before washing at home. Proper care is important to maintain the quality of the qamees.

  • The measurements that you submit via the self-measurement process are not your final garment measurements, but used as a base to guide us in creating your qamees or other garments. At alqamees, your qamees® goes through a 3 step measurement review process to ensure ideal fit:

    1. You measure yourself using our guide.
    2. Our team may adjust your measurements based on the cut standards for someone your weight and height.
    3. An alqamees Master Tailor then further refines your measurements based on his years of experience in hand cutting clothes.

    If you choose a qamees measurement then the above process is ignored and the your give measurements are considered final.

Depending on the stage of your order, we can adjust as desired. If your order status in your Account is ‘Review’ you can update your profile online and it will be used in the current order. You must send us an email to notifying of the changes made along with your order number. All orders are given a 24 hour grace period to make changes to the measurements.

If the order is marked ‘In Production’ or ‘Shipped’ your measurement profile is locked and unable to be adjusted. This is done to ensure our tailors produce your suit properly and it is delivered to you in a timely fashion.

alqamees customers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. All our products are hand tailored according to your submitted measurements, so there are no limitations with regards to large or small measurements.

When body measurements are submitted, our tailor adds allowances as room for movement. These allowances depend on the type of fit you have selected. Please review the chart to understand the allowances added for each fit style.

We add the above stated (depending on your fit style) to the Chest, Waist and Hip measurements you provided; in order to give you room to move about. Depending on your body type; shoulder, sleeve length, collar, and qamees length are tailored almost exactly to your measurements. Adjustments to the Biceps, Forearms and Wrist are determined after comparing shoulder and chest measurements.


Currently we accepts VISA and MasterCard.

All the transaction takes place via PayPal to ensure that your security, privacy and confidentiality are not compromised.

For more information on payments, click here

Our website features a SSL secure connection during the transaction similar to Amazon and major online banking sites, keeping your information secure and private. Your credit card information is never stored in our database. Please note that the charge on your statement will appear “ALQAMEES”.

There is an exemption quota in most countries that allows some merchandise, depending on the value of the package, to be received free from taxes and duties. The exemption quota varies for each country. For countries like United States, Australia, New Zealand, France, and UK, packages are received free of taxes and duties when the value does not exceed USD 200. For other countries, please check with your local customs office.

All payment processing is handled by PayPal. alqamees is not given any Personal information. Please verify the following and contact PayPal if the problem persists.

  • Zero balance without backup funding
  • Returned Check
  • Negative Balance
  • Exceeded spending Limit
  • Credit card expired

Gift certificates are ordered through the gift certificate section and sent to recipients via email. alqamees gift certificates are not redeemable for cash and cannot be returned for a cash refund.

Any unused portion will remain available for future purchases under the same Gift Certificate Number. alqamees is not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.


We all know, mistakes sometime happen, but don’t worry we are here to help you resolve the problem. If your qamees does not fit you properly please do the following:

  1. Step 1: Log into your account and Review (check) the measurements your provided.
    Click My Account and under Measurement Profile Section, select the appropriate Profile Name and click edit to view the measurements.
  2. Step 2: Measure the qamees using the measuring tape that came with the package
    Please follow our guide to measuring a qamees. Click Here to View The Guide. You can also print out the measuring form to help you with the process.
  3. Step 3: Understand-Interpret the Measurements

If you provided a qamees measurement, then it is straight forward. The Measurements of the qamees should be the same as measurements on profile.

If you provided a Body Measurement then it is important to understand how to interpret the measurements of Chest, Waist and Bottom taken in Step 2.

Consider the Fitting Style you choose for your order (i.e. Slim, Regular or Loose). Now, apply the following equation to calculate the measurement errors.

Qamees (Chest-Waist-Bottom) Measurements X 2 – Your Profile (Chest-Waist-Bottom) Measurements = Fitting Margin

The Fitting Margin should equal to that of your selected fitting style. Neck, Shoulder, Sleeve/Arm Length and Qamees Length of the qamees should be exactly as on profile.

If there is a discrepancy between the measurements on profile and the measurements of the qamees, please contact us at with following details:

  • Order Number along with Profile Name
  • Pictures of the qamees clearly highlighting the measurements errors
  • Pictures of the packaging received

Once we have received the above mentioned information we will investigate the matter and respond to your email promptly.

alqamees will review the following and may ask for additional information if required.

  • Photos Sent
  • Your Profile
  • Original order details submitted,
  • Production Papers
  • Quality Control Sheets
  • Additional notes/requests made by You
  • Email correspondences concerning the order

NOTE: Please make sure that you send us an email within 15 days after receiving the package. We cannot entertain complains after the 15 days period has expired.

You can visit any local alterations shop to get your clothing altered. alqamees will cover up to a maximum of 30% of the total purchase price of the order for your alterations bill. We may be able to recommend an alterations shop in your area as well, please contact our us at with any questions.

Once the updated measurements and request have been sent to our production team, we will begin your remake. You will receive the remade order within 4 weeks of submission. Check your order status in your My Account for updates.

First, log into your account see what you ordered. If you are sure that you did not receive what you ordered please contact us at with your order number and we will look into this matter.

First, log into your account confirm what you ordered. Once you have made sure, please contact us at with following details:

  • Order Number
  • Detailed explanation of the mistake(s)
  • Pictures of the mistakes.

Once received, we will investigate the matter and respond to your email promptly.

Please refer to our Return Policy

You should contact us at within 7 days after receiving the package. Please include your Order Number and Profile Name in the email.

You should contact us at within 7 days after receiving the package. Please include your Order Number and Profile Name in the email.


The above resolutions are general guidelines. We review the complaints on a case-to-case basis. It is always best that you contact customer service at for any concern you may have so they can provide better resolutions for you.

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