We offer two measurment options, Body Measurements or Standard Size .


Our easy to use online process will have you set up with your own measurement profile within 5-10 minutes. All you need is a friend and a tape measure and we will take care of the rest. Simply follow our easy step-by-step measuring guide at checkout.

Once you’ve added your body measurements you’ll be taken to order review section where you can select fitting. We have three fitting option.


Slim Fit – Best For Looks If You Are Slim

As the name implies, this thobe fit is made for slim people,If you are in shape and young or young at heart, the slim fit look is for you. ‘Slim Fit’ just gives enough room to wear your undergarment, you’ll get thobe that sits closer to the body, without being skin tight.

STANDARD Fit – Best of Both Worlds

The Standard Fit sits in between the ‘Loose’ and the ‘Slim’ fit, providing the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and style. The sleeves and upper body have some room but are not too wide. If you are not the slimmest guy, but you don’t have a huge belly, this fit suits you best. We also recommed first time buyer to go for Standard Fit.

LOOSE Fit – The Classic Fit

This is the go-to choice for those with a huge belly and heavy chest, who favor comfort over fashion. If you like exta room and really loose fitting, this is probably the best fit for you because it is the most comfortable.



You may already like the fit of standard sizes, If this the case, than select the standard sizing option for a quick and easy order and you will also know what to expect.

When selecting a standard size, please carefully consult our sizing chart below to ensure you choose the appropriate size. If for any reason the chart does not accurately represent the size you are, we recommend that you try our body measurement fit. This way, we can guarantee a good fit.

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